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Everyone in the free world seems to cosplay Sailor Moon. And darnit, there seem to be quite a few of us who enjoy cosplaying the villains of the series. Especially the R series. Most of people's favorites are the Stars villains. But what about the Black Moon Clan? Welp, you've come to the right place if you're interested in their cosplay. Welcome to the community of what I have dubbed, the Black Moon Bandits! I, Tori,haldir_whore have started this group, and my co-organizer is Fitz/Cory, rushing_wind. So if you have any questions, you can come to either of us and we'll try and answer whatever you need to the best of our abilities.

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This is a drama, childish, bitch and obnoxious free community. As for who can join? This community has open membership. Even if your character ends up being taken in the group, or you cosplay other parts of Sailor Moon.. that doesn't mean you can't join. Show off your stuff, and just have fun with everyone! The whole point of this is to have fun. I refuse to deal with elitism and rude attitudes. They are not allowed here. And if you are the cause of drama, or I sense it brewing in any way? I don't care if you're just a member of the community or a member of the cosplay group itself, I'll kick you out so fast it will make your head spin. I'm not the leader, persay. I'm the organizer, the maintainer along with Fitz. And she'll kick you out just as fast.

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Now conventions haven't been chosen as of yet since this group is brand new, but you must be able to attend at least one of the group's planned conventions. I imagine it'll be six months to a year for this group to fully gets on its feet. So it's not like I'm saying hey it's September, we're going to a con this month. We'll have plenty of time to plan, and so will you. :)

Your costume doesn't have to be made by you, but it would be nice if it was. And if you need assistance in sewing there are plenty of places to go. Including.. DUN DUN DUN.. the fellow members of the community! I want us all to be a group of close friends. Not just strangers on LJ.

I, as the other members of the community would like to see some cosplay pictures and just pics of you in general! Tell us a little about yourself!

Also, an official way of contacting you is needed. For planning purposes, and in cases of emergencies. Cell numbers are acceptable.. just. A way of contacting you if needed. And if I end up getting some co-moderation. All this information will remain private between me and Cory. Unless you want to give your number to other members of the group or know personally other members. But we do, need a legit way of contacting you. Because who knows what could happen.

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Please fill out the following application, and post it in the community itself. I'll contact you via email..slashorama@aol.com, or I'll comment in return whether or not you're approved, etc. Now, some of you are already in the group and have been approved. But I'd like you to fill out the application anyway, as a sort of introductory post. Got it? I'm trying to remember who wanted to be who so far, but if I've made a mistake please fergive me. Cory can smack me. I know some of it might seem redundant especially if you're in Moonlight Real Girls? But please, for those who aren't? Fill it out? ^^

Full Name:
Phone numbers: ? ...Leave this out until you receive a contact letter from me based on approval. And if I have them already, well there's no point to giving them to me again. But Cory might not have them so!
Interested character: ..please read the character list on who is taken and who isn't, unless you're already approved.
What conventions have you attended in the past?
What costumes have you made, accessories, etc.?
What got you interested in cosplay and Sailor Moon in the first place? And especially why do you like the Black Moon Clan so much?
Pictures please. Of costumes and yourself if you'd like.

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Purinsu Dimandou: haldir_whore
Saffiru: rushing_wind
Esmeraude: shadowcaitiff
Cooan: myztic_beauty
Beruche: the_sea_goddess
Calveras: asweetermelody
Petz: pamuya
Boule Brother 1:
Boule Brother 2: